Senior Pastor:  Philip Lizzi

Our Senior Pastor, Philip Lizzi (pronounced Lit-zee), was born in Angwin, California.  He is the second of four children born to Seventh-day Adventist Christian parents.  

   The privilege of Christian education was not realized for his elementary, high school, or the first year of college for Pastor Lizzi.  It was during his senior year at Analy High School in Sebastopol, California, that his Jewish drama teacher and his agnostic American Democracy teacher each encouraged him to become a minister and share his faith.  Little did he dream of the adventures and miracles awaiting him when God used these two men to call him into gospel ministry. 

   After four years of college, marriage to his teenage bride and two years of graduate school, he entered into full-time pastoral ministry in the Southeastern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in San Diego.  During the subsequent years the Lord has led him, his wife, and two children to the most beautiful and exciting places in the West, including the islands of Hawaii.  They have pastored nine of the finest Seventh-day Adventist churches in six different states of North America. 

   The continual desire of Pastor Lizzi and his family is to help others develop a geniuine friendship with Jesus and to eagerly anticipate His soon return

Associate Pastor: Judy Lizzi

Judy Cuccia Lizzi did not expect to become a pastor's wife, much less an Associate Pastor when she was growing up in
Sacramento, California.  She is the youngest of four children born to Christian parents who were deeply committed to educating their children in Seventh-day Adventist Christian schools.       

   With the aspiration of a career in the field of dentistry, she began her education at
College in Angwin, California.  As academic pursuits unfolded, so did a budding romance with Philip Lizzi.  God redirected her objectives and ambitions and called her into pastoral ministry alongside her husband.    

   During the ensuing years the call to teach was coupled with pastoral ministry.  Pursuing the opportunity for further education, Judy attended Portland State University while serving the church and school in Oregon.

   God's plans are always infinitely more exciting than those of men.  In place of a personal pursuits, God designed surprises for Judy, her husband and their two children.  He has placed them in interesting circumstances; challenging situations; desirable locations to live, and the greatest opportunities ever imagined to be used as instruments in sharing His Good News with others.