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  • Interested in learning about programs at Kirkland SDA Church.

    I have referred a non-SDA business colleague to the Kirkland church. He lives in Issaquah and has two young children, 7 & 9. He has expressed interest in their attending Christian church programs but hasn’t had that resource. I would like more information for him about Sabbath School and the Adventurers Club.

    • Hi Vi Westman,

      Sorry for the late reply. We have Sabbath school classes every Sabbath starting at 9:30 am. The Adventure club meeting are on the second Sabbath of each month, at 2:00 pm, here at the Fellowship hall. Please feel free to call me at 425-822-7922 Luciane.

    • Vi Westman,

      We’ve Sabbath school classes every weekend starting at 9:30 am. The Adventurers Club meetings are on the second Sabbath of each month at 2:00 pm, in the fellowship hall. Please feel free to contact me at 425-822-7922 Luciane (church secretary).

  • I’m looking for a SDA Bible study group.
    I looked on KSDA website for one but couldn’t find it. Would you please let me know where and when they have them?
    Thank you

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