Signs of the Times Pt. 2

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  • Beautiful story-Jesus is coming soon. Unless if you are willing to give your daughters (pretend you have several if you don’t) to very physically abusive men, do not accuse others for refusing them in church. Even a pastor in another church abusively tried to force me to marry a multiple times abusive divorcee, against my conscience. My bible says it’s a sin to marry a divorcee-so do not try to manipulate your opinion on others when you have no idea what’s been happening in churches. Paul said it’s better to stay single-he also was divorced. It’s better to be single than to be half or fully dead with such a person. There are plenty of single women in church whom they could marry, Beth-Ann, much closer to one man’s age since he is 20 years younger than me. There’s Kathy, Sylvia, etc. why they insist on abusing me to and not them is showing partiality. There’s a 2% higher divorces among SDAs than the general population. Know of SDAs who have gone to Las Vegas for their 2nd marriage so church would not find out. Know of 3 time marriages in these churches. Plus others in secret. So making it “your” norm doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for everyone.

  • Pastor, also met a pastor’s daughter at a SDA event. She quit going saying none are marriage material. If anyone should know, a pastor’s daughter would, and she’s a sharp woman. That says a lot and she is correct.

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